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Steam Shower Control Panel

The 250-pn is a Control Panel controller unit for Steam Shower that makes it effortless to do your bathroom fun with, this unit comes with a Control panel, a Steam controller, and a guide. It also gives a built-in power supply for keep machines running in the dark, and an automatic shut-off system.

Steam Shower Control Panel Walmart

The Steam Shower Control Panel is a valuable piece of equipment for controlling the water temperature in your home, this Panel is 4. 5 kw and can produce 220 v power, it provides a Control Panel that is 1 metre long and provides controls for the water temperature, Steam generation, and Shower speed. The Control Panel presents a variety of input options, including temperature, water temperature, massage, and time, the square Steam Shower kit also includes a consultant's guide, and a Steam Control module. The Steam Control module is capable of turning on and off the Steam shower, and it also includes a-la-carte options for water temperature, massage, and time, it can Control the fan, jets, and even the light to ensure your Shower is at a top-of-the-line temperature. This Panel comprises of a digital controller and 6 kw Steam generator, it allows the user to Control the heating and cooling within the Shower room, as well as enjoy the hot Steam within the bath.