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Soundlogic Shower Speaker

The soundlogic xt bluetooth shower speaker is a must-have for any bathroom. This soundproof speaker is perfect for your bathroom. With its built-in bluetooth feature and an easy to use interface, the soundlogic xt shower speaker is the perfect way to make your bathroom soundproof.

Soundlogic Xt Shower Speaker

Soundlogic xt shower speaker is the perfect addition to your next home office or office building. This technology-based speaker is designed to make you soundborn like a goddess. the soundlogic xt shower speaker is not only designed to make you feel more like royalty, but it's also warehouse ready so you can be heard over the mowing machines and the beep of the security guard. so if you're looking for a way to add a bit of noise and excitement to your home office or office building, look no further than the soundlogic xt shower speaker. She's designed to do just that.

Soundlogic Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The soundlogic xt bluetooth aqua 2 shower speaker is the perfect choice for a perfect shower. This speaker is water resistant and features a loud sound for a loud and clear experience. This speaker is alsohflex inner plastic cover for extra weak voice communication. Soundlogic is the perfect choice for those that love to listen to their music through their shower speaker. This shower speaker has a brand new fm radio that will allowed you to listen to your favorite tunes while in the shower. The carabiner provides a great way to stay organized when packing up your laundry. Lastly, the shower speaker has a a/c tonight mode that will help keep you cool in the heat. If you're looking for a great shower speaker of all different types, soundlogic is the one for you! This speaker is a new improvement on their previous shower speaker models, with a more advanced fm radio system and carabiner for attaching to your toolkit. Not to mention, it comes with a brand new, excellent carabiner for makingodo purposes! The soundlogicxt sound splash wireless bluetooth speaker is perfect for those who love to shower. This speaker is perfect for the water like so:).