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Soaking Tub With Shower

This portable Soaking bath Tub With our freestanding Shower stall is top-grade for suitors who wish for uncomplicated access to their shower, Soaking Tub options include a refreshing use when you're ready, or use the Soaking bath Tub for a refreshing bath for extra sovereignty.

Small Bathtub Shower Combo

This small bathtub Shower combo is unrivalled for lovers who are digging for a portable bathtub that can soak up the sweat and feel like a real human being, the bathtub grants a freestanding Shower stall that makes it basic to take With you wherever you go, and the combo also includes a small bathroom. This is a top addition to a home or office and makes a top-rated addition to all space, if you're digging for a portable Tub that can easily come in handy when you're feeling a little hot and bothered, then we've got just the thing! These bath tubs for showers are first-class for when you need a novelties : portable tubs for showers are first-rate for when you need a break from the heat. They're effortless to handle and can hold even a large water bottle, so you can make do With just a few water ounces, they also come Shower stall and are made from environmentally friendly materials. This is an outstanding deal on a portable bathtub that can be used as a washing machine as well, it renders a freestanding Shower stall that makes walking to the laundry room easy. The Tub is further electric and presents a water tank that can hold up to 4 cups, it as well electric which makes it facile to use. The Tub is even environmentally friendly as well, this is an used Tub and Shower combo. The Tub is about 12" wide, With a capacity of 6-8 cups, the Shower is about 18" wide and provides a capacity of 4-6 cups. The Tub and Shower are also about 12" wide and have a capacity of 4-6 cups.