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Shower Diverter Valve

Looking for a diverter valve for your shower? look no further than the brass 3-way diverter valve. This valve is perfect for using on a head or bath tap switch in an outlet area. Made from high quality materials, this diverter valve is a great addition to your shower.

Shower Diverter

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4 Way Shower Diverter Valve

This 3-way diverter valve is perfect for using with a shower head or arm mount. It is a good choice for when you need to adjust the pressure on a while stream without having to remove the shower. this is a 3-way diverter valve for shower head or bath tap switch outlet. It is made of brass and has a fit for a standard water supply. Rough-ologist shower head fit. this diverter shower valve is perfect for either a 3- way bath shower head or arm mount shower valve. The diverter valve provides an ample flow of water while the diverter hose ensuresoid hydration. The diverter shower valve is also comfortable to use due to the two-year warranty. this is a 3-way abs fix bracket valve sprayer arm mount shower head diverter bathroom. The bathroom is located in usa and is made of materials like metal and plastic. The bathroom's surface is made of plastic and the sprayer arm is made of metal. The valve is placed at the bottom of the bathroom, in the diverter bathroom. The valve is used to fix the shower head to the bathroom surface.