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Shower Clock

The baldr shower clock is a large, durable clock that will make your bathroom stand out in a good way. This clock has a waterproof case and a large display that will show your news and events from your shower.

Waterproof Shower Clock

Looking for a waterproof shower clock? Look no further than our options! Whether you need a crest or an antique clock, our clock case will help make your shower more waterproof. So if you're looking for a piece of engineering, a clock case is a great option!

Hanging Shower Clock

This hanging shower clock is a great way to show off your bathroom to friends and family. The clock has a digital clock display and a waterproof rating that makes it perfect for any location. The timer makes it easy to use, and the alarm will wake you up in time for breakfast. this waterproof shower clock timer is a great addition to your bathroom wall clock alarm clock. The timer can be controlled in both a digital or electronic manner, making it perfect for a busy shower. The timer also includes a alarm that can be set to run for 30 minutes or ever for 5 minutes, making it perfect for a workshopping strategy. the shower clock is a great buy! This little radio-controlled wateratible shower will timer and let you know how much water is left in your shower while you clothes yourself down. this waterproof shower clock is a great way to ensure your shower is runnning smoothly. With its wireless mini portable battery, it will always be on in case of waterheds or claims. The alarm clock style design will make you always teeming and productive.