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Shower Chair With Wheels

This rolling shower and commode transport chair with wheels and padded seat is perfect for small bathrooms who need toaratlf. It is also great for home businesses who need to and from the home.

Roll In Shower Chair

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Rolling Shower Chair

This rolling shower and commode transport chair with wheels and padded seat is perfect for busy shower rooms and commode sections of businesses. It has a comfortable feeling to it and is made to move around quickly and easily. this is a great mobile shower chair for those with wheelchair. It is sturdy and has wheels for movement. You can use it for showering or using as a mobile shower whenusing it that way is easy. This is a great choice for a personal use or business. this is a great choice for those with a bathroom who need to go for a walk or who need to take a bath. The chair has a padded seat and fabric on top that makes it comfortable to sit in. The wheels make it easy to move around and the caddy makes it easy to reach. There is a medical cast for each foot, so it can help those with aids or other medical needs. this wheeled shower chair is perfect for those with back pain or who find walking around in high spirits uncomfortable. The chair has a 400 lb weight capacity and can be set up as a transport chair for other items in your home. The chair also includes a counterbalance system to make it easier to move items.