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Kohler Shower Faucet Repair

This is a quality kohler shower faucet repair part that requires no jaw work. The 6n-7h tub shower stem is a good option for those with a repair shop. The new 6n-7h tub shower stem is made of durable materials and has a sturdy design. This faucet is a great value too, so if you're looking for a good deal do not miss out.

Kohler Repair Kit,No SF0174X,  Brass Craft Service Parts
Faucet Repair Kit, Kohler Valet, Lead-Free -SF0174X

Faucet Repair Kit, Kohler Valet, Lead-Free -SF0174X

By Brass Craft Service Parts


Kohler Shower Diverter Stem

The kohler shower diverter stem is a perfect way to keep your shower running properly when you are out of town and don’t have time to go to the bathroom. This stem allows you to control the amount of water that goes into the shower from your home, so you can stay hydrated while showering.

Kohler Shower Valve Stem

This is a discontinued part and needs to be replaced with a new one. if you have a kohler metal faucet or tub shower, you may be need a kit to fix it. This kit from kohler includes 14 turn valve, plastic brush, and cleaning brush. This will help you clean the faucet or tub and help you keep it looking new. if you have a kohler shower faucet and need it to be fixed, then this repair kit is for you! This kit includes 855418 of the best quality parts available, and will help to fix your faucet himself. With this kit, you can be sure to get back to using your kohler products in the way that you know and love. this kohler shower faucet repair kit is for the coralais valve on your shower. We recommend that you this kit as part of a largeretta faucet repair project. The kit comes with a number of parts and is available from kohler.