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Iron Hammer Portable Shower

This camping shower has an electric shower head and a campfire grill to cook on. It is also portable, so it can be used for travel. The iron hammer portable shower is perfect for camping or for anyone who wants an easy to use shower on the go.

Iron Hammer Portable Shower Target

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Cheap Iron Hammer Portable Shower

The iron hammer portable shower is perfect for those who want an affordable camp shower that they can use multiple times a day. The shower is also camping-compatible, making it perfect for use in stores or showersguide. Biz settings. this is a great shower outdoor that can be used as a portable one. It is a great accessory for your home or office. the iron hammer portable shower is perfect for those who appreciate the convenience of a shower at a fraction of the cost of a traditional one. This value-packed device comes with a high capacity 480 watt shower, making it perfect for busypeers or any shower room that wants to get right to it. this camping blue iron hammer portable shower is perfect for those who love to go camping and want the footy. This shower has a shut off valve so you can stop the water if you want, which is great because it means you can forget about raising the water level on your tent. The shower is also electric so you can take it or leave it as your own personal water shower.