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Handheld Shower Heads

Our handheld shower heads are perfect for those with high-pressure shower lights. With up to 4 times the power of a traditional shower head, these heads are perfect for dealing with larger, high-pressure areas. Plus, the hose makes it easy to explore ever-widthily area with your shower head.

Handheld Shower Heads Target

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Cheap Handheld Shower Heads

This handheld shower head is perfect for using at home when you need a quick get-up-and-go stream of soap and water. The 5 ft. Supply makes it a perfect choice for a small bathroom. our handheld spray head is designed for high pressure adjustability so you can create the perfect level of water flow for your shower. The top spray bath creates an intense pressure wash that is perfect for cleaning off the dirt, sand, and other debris on your shower wall. the handheld shower heads with hose 5 ft. Are perfect for high pressure water baths. With six settings, you can create a unique bath experience. the shower heads are designed for high pressure adjustable showerheads (hsa) and top spray baths. They come in black or white make-up with the top spray bath.