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Bluetooth Shower Head

The Shower Head with magnetic Bluetooth speaker is a splendid alternative to turn your Shower into an open space of your own, with this Shower head, you can have your favorite music playing while you take a bath, bath, or shower.


Top 10 Bluetooth Shower Head

This Shower Head is terrific for lovers who desire to have their music playing while water is streaming through its speaker, this Shower Head provides a new surrogate of effecting how Bluetooth audio is used. With this head, you can control your music with the help of your phone or computer, the Shower Head is a new, atomi-branded Shower Head that wireless Bluetooth speaker. It is splendid for people who appreciate music and enjoy a good Shower with their loved ones, this smart Shower Head can keep you hot and macho, while the Bluetooth speaker keeps you connected and your music. The magnetic Bluetooth speaker Shower Head is a splendid alternative to have a listening experience without having to carry an electronic device with you everywhere, this Shower Head is top-quality for people who desire to enjoy a working woman's environment without having to carry around a device. The magnetic feature makes it basic to tailor and remove devices, and the white goes top-rated with any color clothes, this Head presents a standard 2-carriage system that makes it facile to connect other devices like baths, dishes, and laundry to your water pressure and speaker volume. The blue led light will keep you happy even in the darkest of rooms.