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Bathworks Shower Refinishing Kit

Looking to refinish your shower but don't know where to start? look no further! In this kit, you'll find a shower refinishing kit, complete with a slip guard, stain, and gloss black. This all-in-one kit will help you out to keep your shower clean and your money saved!

Cheap Bathworks Shower Refinishing Kit

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Top 10 Bathworks Shower Refinishing Kit

The bathworks shower refinishing kit comes with a 22-ounce diy slip guard and 18-ounce slip guard slip coat. You can build your own by using standard not-too-warm laminates and white drill bits. The slip guard and slip coat should be good for a year or two and the laminates should have time to wear away. this is a shower refinishing kit that is meant for diys. It contains a slip guard, refinishing kit, and a showerarium. The all combined will give your shower a new look and feel. The refinishing kit is good for countertops, sides, and even a back ceiling. If you are looking to add a new look to your shower, this is the kit for you! the bathworks shower refinishing kit comes with a 22 oz diy slip guard gloss black which can be used to protect your bathtub from damage. Additionally, the kit includes a lot of other necessary tools to get started refinishing your bathroom. the bathworks shower refinishing kit offers a way to keep your bathroom looking its best - with just a few easy steps! This kit includes a 23-oz. Tub, a non-slip protectant, and a shower unknown. It is perfect for keeping your bathroom looking new, and make sure your shower is looking and feeling like new!