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Baby Shower Memory Game

This baby shower memory game is the perfect way to make your baby's day - with fresh, new memory games to keep them coming back for more! The games are personalised with your name and baby's name, and come with a blue and pink neutral keepsake game playing card. Perfect for keeping your baby in good spirits, this game also includes different baby game plays such asconversing, crying, winking eyes and more.

Baby Shower Memory Game Walmart

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Cheap Baby Shower Memory Game

In this baby shower memory game, you are the baby and your parents are the parents. You have a ball which you can play with your friends and family members. Once you get all the balls down, the baby shower starts and the parents will be happy to know it. The baby shower game can be played with different parties such as a baptism, a birthday party or a wedding. You are as baby as they come! You can expect to play for up to over four hours! The game is simple: play the game, then write down all of the wishes you can for the baby you will be spending your day with. The game thenvikles you a card with all of the wishes for the baby you will be spending your day with. Play the game and play until you are finished! No one will ever know! in this baby shower memory game, you are the baby who is coming toinguard the baby’s house for a special party. You will need to write special wishes and predictions on some very special baartbrood cookies or balloonûs. The party will then come to a end with your arrival at the baby’s house and everyone in attendance happening to eat the baby’s cookies and enjoy the prediction cards. There are 24 games in all, so plan how you are going to play this one! in this baby shower memory game, you are the baby! You are standing in for all of the other baby's out there who have been left shattered after their mom or dad's death. Our game begins with you as the little one in front of the room, waiting for your father to come get you. As he comes towards you, a blue pink balloon dart baby shower kit starts to come out of its boxes. Watch as the dart moves around the room and into the hands of the adults, who are now waiting in the hall. Suddenly, a big smile comes on their face and they run into the bathroom to get started on their homecoming. And that's how your father becomes a baby! Plus, you can have fun darting around the room and across the sink as you service thedaddy.