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Aquasource Shower Diverter

The aquasource diverter is a 0. 5-in chrome shower diverter that helps reduce water usage and improve shower temperature. It is perfect for a quick and easy way to switch to a more water-free lifestyle.

Aquasource Shower Diverter Ebay

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Aquasource Shower Diverter Amazon

This aquasource shower diverter valve is a new chrome finish and sealed design, compatible with all aquasource shower heads. It makes perma-clog without need to worry aboutleaks, as it is surefit compatible. And, it includes a shower head converter for easy on-the-go installation. looking for a shower that can take you from quoiet to diverter during the day? look no further than the aqua source chrome 3 way shower diverter. This diverter works with any shower head, making it perfect for all types of showering. this aqua source 3 way shower diverter will help you open your shower door more easily and keep your shower water clean. It is made of durable plastic and has a 60 inch long chain. It allows you to set the water temperature and the aqua source amount while opening the shower door. the aquasource 2. 5gpm handheld showerhead with hose and diverter is perfect for keeping your showerlucentwater clean and eggsing.