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12 Inch Shower Arm

This is a 12 inch shower arm that has a diverter3-way valve, sprayer arm, and water separator. It is perfect for a small home or office with a small shower.

12 Inch Shower Arm Ebay

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12 Inch Shower Arm Walmart

This 16-inch stainless steel square rainfall shower head extension arm wall mount is a great option for those with a small shower. It's 16 inches wide, and can extend up to 16 inches with a standard 12-inch shower head. It's also attachment system is made to make it easy to use, even for small hands. this 12 inch shower arm is a great way to increase the height of your shower without having to remove the current arm. The lock jointed arms provide a sturdy design that is easy to adjust. This arm is perfect for anyone from experienced professionals to beginners. this is a 12 inch shower armmount that can be placed around a standard shower chair or desk. The screw on bracket can be attached to the arm or desk in order to create a complete shower installation. The bracket can also be used to adjust the height of the shower arm. this 16 40cm square ceiling rain shower head chrome wall mounted extension arm is a great addition to your shower, perfect for adding some extra height. This arm is made from high-quality chrome, making it durable and weatherproof. Plus, its square metaliciousness makes it easy to manage and keep clean.